Friday, April 22, 2005

New additions

Spawn series 27 Collectors Club
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Unleashed Wave 2 (3 figures)

Updates : 1st July 2005
Neca 18" Mike Myers - RM150
Neca 18" T1000 - RM170
Mcfarlane 18" Evil Ash - RM250
Neca bobblehead Gollum - RM80

Updates : 23rd June 2005
Kotobukiya Red clone trooper - USD84 (~RM320)

Updates : 30th May 2005
Hasbro ROTS basic figures #38 and #40 - RM60
Lego Anakin starfighter with Vulture droid (RM97.82)
Lego Grievous bike (RM97.82)
Lego Tridriod fighter (RM59.26)
Riddler headknocker (RM39.90)
Penguin headknocker (RM39.90)

Updates : 30th May 2005
Hasbro Silver 3.75" star wars figures R2D2, Boba Fett, Clone trooper, storm trooper (RM200)
Hasbro 12" ROTJ Luke Skywalker - RM55
Hasbro Ep.1 3.75" Sly Moore #3 - RM15

Updates : 28th May 2005
Second round of haul from singapore....
Hasbro – Ep.1 Trade Federation Droid Fighters (3x) SGD56.07
Kenner – POTF Imperial AT-ST Scout Walker SGD46.73
Kenner – POTF Imperial AT-AT Walker with Commander&Driver figures SGD84.11
Hasbro – POTJ Luke Skywalker’s Snowspeeder with 2x pilot figures SGD56.07
Kenner – POTF Elect. Power F/X Luke’s Red5 X-Wing Fighter (To-scale) SGD74.77
Kenner – Imperial Tie Fighter SGD37.38
Hasbro – Electronic Naboo Fighter SGD37.38
Kenner – A-Wing Fighter with pilot figure SGD37.38
Kenner – Imperial Speeder Bike with figure SGD14.02
Kenner – Luke’s T-16 Skyhopper SGD56.07

Updates : 23rd May 2005
Original posters of Batman Begins US version B and D(SGD35 x 2)
Commercial posters of Star Wars Ep.3 (SGD20 x 2)

Hasbro General Grievous (SGD59.90)
Hasbro Obi Wan star ship (SGD59.90)

Updates : 22nd May 2005
Major haul of the year from Singapore...

18" Alice Cooper - SGD57
18" Rob Zombie - SGD60
12" Darth Maul - SGD65
Bobblehead - Daredevil and Elektra (SGD23 x 2)
Bobblehead - Yoda and Vader (SGD40)
Bobblehead - Mr Freeze (SGD23)
Spawn Series 3 Ninja spawn (SGD10)
Bobblehead - Catwoman (SGD10)
Bobblehead - Supergirl (SGD10)
Bobblehead - Mr Freeze (SGD10)
Mcfarlane Matrix series2 Trinity (SGD10)
Spawn Series 13 Curse of Spawn2 (SGD25)
Series 5 viking SGD20
Series 7 zombie spawn SGD20
Series 9 manga ninja SGD20
Series13 hatchet loose SGD10
Series14 Tormentor SGD15
Series 17 Al simmons SGD20
Series 22 viking age set SGD120
Series 23 al simmons SGD20
SW AOTC Deluxe Yoda w/Super battle droid SGD18
SW convention 2003 Silver bobafett SGD30
SW Ep1 Anakin w/commtech chip SGD7
SW original trilogy Princess Leia SGD10
Series 1 spawn loose SGD10
Series 1 violator loose SGD5
Series 10 manga set of 6 SGD130
12 inch ID4 Alien SGD30
Series 1(Angela),
Series 1(The Maxx with bubble yellowing),
Series 1(hamburgerhead spawn),
Series 1(normal spawn),
Series 1(medieval spawn),
Series 1(violator),
Series 1(clown),
Series 6(Tiffany The amazon),
Series 6(The Freak),
Series 6(Sansker Black Variant),
Series 7(sam & twitch),
Series 7(scourge),
Wetworks(Frankenstein) - SGD100
Mcf - Alternate Realities set 120.00 SGD
Series 16 Nitro Riders full set of 4 SGD160
Series 14 Necomancer (bubble yellowed) SGD15
Burnt Spawn Fishtank (Brand New) SGD40
Series 4 She-Spawn Loose SGD5
Spawn 12 inch Boxed Set SGD45
Medieval Spawn 12 inch Boxed Set SGD45
Spawn IV Masked Original Version SGD30
Series 2 White pilot spawn SGD8.20
Series 3 Future Spawn SGD16.39
Series 4 Exo Skeleton Spawn SGD16.39
Series 5 Spawn: Tremer 2 SGD16.39
Series 8 Spawn: Sabre SGD9.84
Series 8 Curse of the Spawn 1 SGD12.30
Special Edition Spawn 1 SGD20.49

Updates : 21st May 2005
Hasbro Arc-170 Fighter (RM150)
Hasbro ROTS Sneak Preview set of 4 - RM100

Updates : 20th May 2005
Hasbro ESB Tie Bomber (RM168)
Hasbro ROTJ A-wing (RM68)
Unleashed Chewbacca (RM69.90)

Updates : 17th May 2005
Kotobukiya Neo (RM52)
Kotobukiya Agent Smith (RM52)
Spawn series 19 set samurai wars set of 5(RM280)

Updates : 16th May 2005
Spawn VII box set (RM138)
Spawn series 16 afterburner (RM98)
Hasbro Anakin Jedi Starfighter ToysRUS Exclusive (RM139.90 x 2)

Updates : 14th May 2005
Mcfarlane Conan series 2 deluxe box set x 2 (RM190)
Hasbro target exclusive clone trooper (RM100)

Updates : 9th May 2005
Mcfarlane 12" Leatherface (RM135)
Neca 18" Marv (RM190)
Hasbro 3.75" no. 33-36 and 41-44 (RM240)
Star Wars unleashed wave 11 - Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Mace Windu (RM200)
Star Wars unleashed Padme Amidala (RM110)
Clone Trooper Army builder sets (RM550)
Hasbro's ARC-170 Fighter (RM150)
Hasbro's Gun ship (RM150)
Hasbro's Ultimate villian (RM248)

Updates : 25th April 2005
Mcfarlane's Vertebreaker (spawn series 3) - RM45
Mcfarlane's Manga Violator (spawn series 9) - RM45
Mcfarlane's Mangler (spawn series 7) - RM45
Mcfarlane's Clown II (spawn series 4) - RM45
Neca 18" Hellraiser Pinhead - RM166
Neca 18" Iron Maiden - RM166

Updates : 18th April 2005
Hasbro Phantom Menace 3.75" Battle Damaged Destroyer Droid - RM40
Hasbro Star Wars Revenge of the Sith 12" Wave 2 (4 figures) - RM398
Hasbro Obi Wan lightsaber - RM139

Updates : 16th April 2005
Hasbro Star Wars ROTS 3 3/4" no.1-32 - RM940
Hasbro Anakin/Darth Vader lightsabre - RM130

Updates : 12th April 2005
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Unleashed Wave1 (3 figures) - RM210
Mcfarlane Spawn Series 27 (6 figures) - RM270
Mcfarlane Spawn Series 27 box set x 2 - RM180
Mcfarlane Dragon box set - RM90

Updates : 30th March 2005
Mattel 30" Batman Begins (RM115)
McFarlane AVP Series 1 (RM351.40)

Updates : 20th March 2005
Kotobukiya Sandtrooper Corporal (SGD189)
Star Wars Unleashed Wave 12 - IG-88 (Bounty Hunter), Aurra Sing (Bounty Hunter) and Stormtrooper.(RM69.90 each)
Spawn Series 27 (RM47 each) Box set (RM98)
Dragons Series 1 Box set (RM98)
Star Wars Unleashed Chewbacca (RM80)

Updates : 23rd February 2005
Halloween Michael Myers Head Knocker (USD25.54)
Predator Masked Extreme Head Knocker (USD28.94)
Alien Queen Extreme Head Knocker (USD28.94)
Terminator Endoskeleton Bobble Head (USD25.54)

Updates : 19th February 2005
Kotobukiya Obi Wan Kenobi (RM200)
Spawn 10th Anniversary (RM80)
Neca 18" Freddy, Crow, Bride, Jason (RM712)

Updates (16th February 2004) :-
Spawn series 26 set (RM218)
Spawn Reborn2 series set (RM158)
Kotobukiya Sandtrooper Squad Leader (RM345)
Kotobukiya Sandtrooper Sergeant (RM520)